Course Structure

Duration of the Course:

  • All full-time Diploma courses are of three years duration. Each full-time Diploma course consists of three parts, viz. Part-I, Part-II and Part-III.
  • Each part of a full-time Diploma Course consists of two Semesters viz. the First semester and Second Semester, each semester being of at least 16 weeks duration.
  • Each week consists of 44 periods with 8 periods per day from Monday to Friday and 4 periods per day on Saturday. The number of instructional contact periods and periods for Library & Guided Studies are mentioned in the respective curricular structure.
  • Each period is of 50 minutes duration except the last 2 periods of a week, other than Saturday, which is of 45 minutes duration.

Medium of Examination:

    Pending the adoption of Bengali, English shall be the medium of examinations. However students may write their answer scripts in all the examination of the WBSCTE in Bengali on an optional basis while retaining English terminologies, equations and Roman and Greek symbols as per international practice.

Evaluation of Performance:

    Performance of a student is evaluated in three ways:
  • (a) Continuous Internal Assessments
  • (b) Semester Examination and
  • (c) Class Attendance

    The performance of a student in a theoretical subject shall be evaluated in the following proportion:
  • Internal Assessment - 20%
  • Semester Examination - 70%
  • Class Attendance- 10%

    The performance of a student in a sessional paper (Workshop / Laboratory / Practical / Project) is evaluated in the following proportion:
  • Continuous Internal Assessment -50%
  • External Assessment- 50%

Result and Mark sheet:

    As soon as possible after completion of the examination of a semester, the WBSCTE publish the result and separate merit list for each discipline over the signature of the Controller of Examinations. As soon as possible after publication of the result s of a semester, every student is given a mark sheet over the signature of the Controller of Examinations, which contains the marks secured by him/her in each subject of the semester and the marks & percentage in aggregate. The final mark sheet of a successful candidate indicates in addition the overall marks in percentage and the class to which the candidate is placed over the signature of the Controller of Examination.