Hostel and other facilities

The Polytechnic has the hostel facilities for both boys and girls. There are three numbers of hostel for boys and one for the girls – all are located within the Polytechnic campus ( see Campus Map).Each of the hostels is equipped with a kitchen, dining room, students’ ‘common room’ and a telephone connection. There is a steady demand of hostel rooms among the students who come from outside though some opt for group-stay in rented houses in the vicinity of Polytechnic campus. The details of the hostels along with the present occupancy are tabulated below.

Name of Hostel Year of Establishment No. of Rooms Seat per Room Total Capacity Boarder (Year 2006-2007) Vacancy (Year 2006-2007) Phone No(Std 03561)
New Hostel (Boys) 1960 28 4 112 87 25 257-121
Dr H.C.M.M (Boys) 1958 24 4 96 80 16 256-543
Third Hostel (Boys) 2002 20 4 77 67 10 257-497
Total (Boys) : 285
Ladies Hostel 1992 10 3 30 29 1 256-317

The Jalpaiguri Polytechnic campus is dotted with two big playgrounds, one in front of New Hostel and the other between Third and Dr.H.C.M.M. Hostels (see Campus Map). The students make ample use of these playgrounds where all sorts of outdoor games are played regularly.

For indoor games, each of the hostels has indoor games facility in its ‘common room’ where the facilities for playing table tennis, carrom, chess etc are provided. For recreation, a television set is also provided in each of the hostels. A common room is also provided adjacent to the main building of the Polytechnic for the students in general.

A canteen in the main campus caters the need of the students for snacks & teas in between the meals.


The library of the Jalpaiguri Polytechnic Institute is as old as the Polytechnic itself. The library began its activity in the year of 1950 with a humble collection of books and now grows up boasting a collection of over twenty thousand books and over eight hundred numbers of titles. The book ranges from science to technical to general interest including three sets of valuable encyclopedias.

The library lends books to all the students as well as to the teachers. Two reading rooms- one for the students and the other for the teachers – are provided in the library premises. The entire first floor of a separate building with an area of over 2100 sq. foot are used by the library.

Papiya Banerjee Librarian M.Lib.Sc