Department Of Computer Application

Other than being a supporting Department, it is also conducting a Post Diploma Course on Computer Application (PDCA) since 1994 as an independent Department.

The meteoric advancement in the field of Computer Science & Technology during the last two decades and the consequent proliferation of computer-use in myriad sectors, from industrial operations to mercantile field to academia and others, has effectuated an illimitable scope of this department for being the cynosure of any Technical Institution. In the revised curriculum, Computer Application has been incorporated to all branches of Engineering, keeping compatibility with rapidly changing scientific and technological world.

Presently three rooms (of sizes 53 sq. mtr.,46 sq.mtr., and 26 sq. mtr.) are allotted for the Computer Laboratory and can accommodate 20 no. of students at a time in the Laboratory. The equipment in the Computer Laboratory is quite up-to the mark and absolutely befitting to cover the whole syllabus of different courses. The facilities in the Computer Laboratories are as follows-

1. Computer - 25 nos.
2. Digitizer - 01 no.
3. Plotter - 02 nos.
4. Scanner - 01 no.

Teaching Staff